What do we Engrave

After almost 23 years I have stopped taking orders to engrave Glass and Crystal

I aim to continue with all other items

Silver, Gold, Brass, Nickel, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium

Numerous types of Plastics, Acrylic & Ipads

Many species of wood, we cut and mark Paper and Card

Vehicle HIN plates, manufacturers information plates and safety signs, switch plates for Hospitals and Public buildings and so on.

Jewellery, including Rings, Lockets, Watches, most Bangles and Military Swords, Medals etc. etc.

Shell Casings, Stone, Memorial Plaques.

There are many items and materials not included probably because they were a one off or I don't remember them !

We do not mark or laser engrave Faux Leather, because it is not Leather and melts.



Please ask, if you have something that's not listed above we will always look at it, advise and have a go.