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Although we no longer engrave Glass I aim to continue engraving other materials.

Before you browse through some of our stock display please carry on and read through.

We very frequently have visitors who have ordered engraved items on line without having any knowledge of the vendor or sometimes even where they are, they place an order and subsequently receive the ordered item only to be extremely disappointed with the results, spelling mistakes, poor layout, bad selection of font for the occasion, text or logo not aligned horizontal etc etc. We all have bad day's sometimes and must deal with whatever life throws at you.

We are asked if we could correct the item, we won't offer to do this but recomend you send it back to the seller. Some of these vendors have little or no responsibility to their customers, you never meet them and seldom speak to them. We hear that some refuse to correct errors, hiding behind the internet. You wouldn't buy a car this way! So often their workmanship is poor to the extreme, especially on glass, some use a Laser engraving machine to mark glass, we have one of these machines but use it only for Wood, Stone, Plastics, Stainless Steel and other materials, never on glass.

We take as long as it takes talking you through your aspirations for a memorable gift to that special person.

Should you choose to supply your own item for engraving and not buy from our stock range we will go along with that. but turnaround may be 7-10 days, your requirements will not be prioritised ahead of customers who bought our products, a minimum cost could be £25 per item.