How to order

Every item that we produce is bespoke in its engraving. Because of this we find it very difficult to run this site as an  e-commerce site. To this end we offer a personal service to ensure your order arrives as you expect it.

Making an order is as follows:-  Once you have selected the item you are interested in make a note of its reference number or name then email us that with the required text. If you have a logo that you would like included, a vector or eps file ensures exact replication, if you find sourcing this file type a problem all is not lost, a jpg, bitmap or Tiff file in black & white may go some way to produce the required result. We are always pleased to advise a way forward for you. 

If needs be we can offer a complete redraw by hand of which you will have a copy at the end of the transaction, this does come at a price though (details upon request). Please ensure you include your telephone contact number and physical address, we will need this to ask you for your payment details later.

When we have received your enquiry we will produce our interpretation of your needs and send this to you for approval, we will adjust until you are satisfied, then we will send you an invoice and ask your authority to take payment.Upon completion we will arrange a convenient day for delivery.

We hope to have you as another of our satisfied customers.